“Danielle ‘s knowledge and skills make her a far better massage therapist than others. She resolved my hop issue, and also “freed up” my 58 yr old muscles and tendons. I call this feeling 20-30 years younger and didn’t even know this was possible !! She has. Taught me a lot about how we are put together . Massage will always be a major part of my maintenance plan from now on and as I grow older.”
— Brad

“Danielle is the best. First time I went, she made problems go away I didn’t even realize I had because I had gotten so used to them. Amazing what an real massage from a dedicated professional can do. The way she took time to understand and work out what I needed, I can say is one of the things that makes Danielle stand out from the rest. Made me a believer! I recommend this to anyone wanting to feel their best.”
— Sebastian

“Danielle’s passionate and focused therapeutic approach is providing significant relief to my frozen shoulder, and now, an alternative to surgery. In just 4 months her knowledge and experience, coupled with her genuine caring nature, has led to amazing results. Massage By Danielle: Highly Effective, Highly Enjoyable, Highly Recommended.”
— Frederick

“Best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend her!”
— Madeline

“Danielle is a truly gifted massage therapist. I been to many therapists over the years, and no one can compare to her and her devotion to her clients and the expertise she has. During my first visit I had a Lymphatic drain. It was a very positive experience. Danielle was very knowledgeable and explained what she was doing the whole time. My second visit was a deep tissue massage again another positive experience. My third visit was a Swedish massage, she had me so relaxed I was close to an out-of-body experience. I will be making weekly appointments with her.”
— Rob

“She’s amazing, she cures all my aches and pains ! I’m a big guy and for such a little woman, she’s very strong!”
— David

“Danielle is a true healer. Her dedication and insight is only matched by her experience, learning and understanding of the human body. When you think massage ‘therapist’, think of one who will explore the the intracies of your body and successful in not only bringing intense relaxation to your whole body, but able to effectively workout tension and other hidden issues, and be able to address them with you. Hands from Heaven, Very Therapeutic! I highly recommend Danielle as soon as you can see her!”
— Charlotte

“She is amazing, I felt great for days. I need to see her again soon.”
— Dean