Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage


Ashiatsu is relatively new in America, but people in the know have been going out of there way to get it for years. In Japanese, ‘Ashi’ meaning ‘foot’, and ‘Atsu’ meaning ‘pressure’ – ‘Ashiatsu’ – is an ancient practice — which involves a professional massage therapist trained and licensed additionally in Ashiatsu specifically. This can include literally walking on your back (with the help of balancing bars while using great care and focus, to maximize an experience that you won’t soon forget.)

Those who have had the good fortune to receive the ashiatsu technique (which until recently, was only available abroad, or at fine resorts) call it “heaven.”

Same deep work without the pain!

Muscle tensions relief – longer lasting

Stretches the spine more effectively

You can cover a lot more area with the foot!

Deeper pressure is maintained for longer periods.


From A to Zen – Refined Over Millennia

This extremely specialized practice requires training and certification. It dates back over two thousand years, originating in the Orient, most notably, by Buddhist monks who have been practicing the bodywork art of ashiatsu style massage continuously for centuries. And is now available in America, and finally, in the Glens Falls, NY region!

Safe and Effective

In order to be done correctly and safely, requires specially-attached ceiling bars to maintain balance, particularly while walking on a client’s back.

Ashiatsu is considered an effective technique for delivering ‘deep pressure’ massage that is typically otherwise unattainable. It is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and recognized by the American Medical Association.


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Now you can get this luxurious without paying a fortune or need for lengthy travel and special spa passes. If you are looking for a truly satisfying, deep-tissue massage locally, you have found it.

New clients will also receive a special discounted rate.

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Ashiatsu By Licensed Therapist Danielle Robillard (pictured)

Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

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NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork